Can A Summer Flame Last?

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If you pay attention to the movies and novels, you may think that as temperatures rise, romantic encounters with attractive strangers rise with it.

There is something about summer that brings an intense emotional high. While there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy (like spending long nights staring at the stars with a guy you just met), keep an open mind about the relationship and don’t get too attached. I encourage you to use this time to have fun, explore and remain open to all the possibilities.


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That doesn’t mean your fling (no matter how long or short) will be a waste of time. Everyone and every romance can be a teacher, so I suggest you use this time to learn whatever you can from the person you’ve met. That way if it does end, your feelings won’t be crushed AND you got a life lesson you can carry with you forever.

The lesson can show up in many ways and could be…

  • Making a new discovery about yourself or your own characteristics.
  • An opportunity to stretch and grow.
  • A chance to step outside of your comfort zone.

Warning: Watch The Signs

Even though I’m giving you a fair warning, you might get completely smitten when you’re caught up in somebody new. To help you, here are some big signs to look out for to know whether or not your relationship will last:

  • If it bloomed out of lust and sex, it may not last once summer is over because relationships are more than just physical chemistry.
  • Did you two meet on the beach or at a summer party? If you aren’t going to be in these places regularly, you have to ask yourself how interesting or exciting the relationship will be the rest of the year.
  • Do you two live totally different lifestyles?  If he is free-spirited and you’re more serious, you may get disconnected when you go back to your regular daily life.

Besides the things mentioned above, pay attention to how communication between the two of you changes. If you start to notice that the two of you are communicating less, or if they stop initiating conversations with you, the end may be near.

How To Find A Summer Romance

If you’re more worried about finding a summer fling than you are about losing one, these tips will help:

Initiate Conversations With Strangers

Don’t wait on someone to find you. Initiate conversations with others. If there’s a guy you like, talk to him. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the grocery store, on the beach or in a coffee shop, just say hello and go from there.

Go to Gatherings

If there’s a neighborhood cookout or other community function, go! This is your chance to meet others and mingle.  

Pull Away From The Pack

You are more likely to meet someone new if you go to places outside of your normal social group. Even if you do go somewhere familiar, try going alone. Sometimes being with a clique can be intimidating to a guy. Being somewhere solo makes you more approachable.

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